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Lincolnshire County Council web blog 21 December 2009:

Over 50 schools in Lincolnshire were closed on Friday due to bad weather conditions.

But thanks to Lincolnshire County Council, both school staff and parents were kept up-to-date throughout the day via text and e-mail of the latest closures.

The automated service, which was set up in May sent out over 4,312 text messages to parents and staff.

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5 secrets you must know about reaching parents by text message

  1. You don't actually have to be there to send the message at the time you want families to receive it. Schedule it during normal office hours and we make sure it's delivered on your chosen date and time.
  2. You don't have to key in any contact information - we can use your existing information whether it's in a spreadsheet, EStart or SmartSoft.
  3. It NEVER costs families anything to receive your text message - voicemails can be expensive for some parents to receive.
  4. You can send 6 text messages for the cost of 1 stamp.
  5. All you need to send a message is a computer connected to the internet.
  6. You'll know exactly what happens to every message sent - from when it was delivered to the phone, to identifying incorrect mobile numbers.
  7. You can send texts to landlines.
Okay, so that's seven not 5 but there's a lot you might not know. And even when we got to seven, we realised that things were missing so if you'll indulge us just a little longer (we've used bullets in the hope you won't notice):
  • Parents LIKE to receive texts. It's how many parents communicate with friends so why wouldn't they communicate with you that way.
  • Parents RESPOND to texts. Our Children's Centre customers often tell us that they are surprised by both the number of parents that respond, and the speed with which they respond..
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